Coin Board Quarter Combinations Set

Coin Board Combinations:
As students advance in learning coin values, challenge them to find all possible equivalent combinations totaling 5¢, 10¢, or 25¢.  Specially sized trays and coin value inserts provide a control of error that only allows proper equivalent combinations to fill the tray.  Once a proper equivalency is placed in the tray, coins are placed in the associated holes. Students can then pull out a length of paper and use the appropriate coin stamp to record their work.  Carrying tray and real coins are NOT included.

Quarter Combination Set:
This is the base set that includes quarter tray, coin value inserts, inserts holder, small washable stamp pad, penny/ nickel/ dime/ quarter heads stamps, coin & stamp holder, and a specially designed paper dispenser (uses 2¼” adding machine paper roll).  Carrying tray sold separately.

Coin Board Quarter Combinations Set
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