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Rocking Board Balance Board Marble Mover I
Rocking BoardBalance BoardMarble Mover I

The Rocking Board is a 14" square that tilts side to side.  An excellent gross motor activity for the classroom.

This is a  14" square board for developing balance and coordination.  The Balance Board tilts in all directions and is more difficult than the rocking board.  We need more gross motor in our classrooms.

Place a marble tray (sold separately) on the Marble Mover I.  Here is a device that harnesses the left and right brain to do the same physical movements at the same time.  Synchronized bilateral brain development across the corpus callosum.




Marble Mover II
Marble Mover II

Marble Mover II lets one side of the brain move side to side while the other moves front to back. That activity can then be reversed by rotating the device. Nonsynchronized bilateral brain activity. Trays sold separately.